We are Insifa. We love to help the ones in need.

Insifa has researchers and explorers who are searching for places that need help all over the world. After finding a location that needs help. We examine which important life needs are missing. According to those needs we make a plan and start a help project. 

We look, we discover, we help.

We need all the help there is possible to be able to help the ones in need as fast as possible. For each project we create a donation form on our website through which you can donate and help us. After the exact amount has been reached we start helping. At each location we check if there is access to clean water if not we start building a waterwell aswell. 

Our main vision is to give access to safe and clean water in developing countries.

Insifa Platform

Insifa has been actively helping the unhelped and finished over 30 projects in 1 year. But this is not enough, we want to help more people. That is why we started this project. Insifa is going global, we are working really hard on our own donation platform. Through this platform others can start their projects. Everybody will be able to help each other. Users will be able to see their donations and use their accounts as an online wallet. Interested in more details? Go check our roadmap.

How to donate to a project?

  • 01.

    Choose a charity project.

    Who do you want to help? You can choose from one of our existing projects. You can also donate blanco, then we’ll pick one for you.

  • 02.

    Choose donation amount.

    How much do you want to donate? Do you want to donate to one or multiple projects?

  • 03.

    Where the magic happens.

    You are done! After enough money is collected we let our partners know that they can start the project. We will inform you all about the project with e-mail updates and in our blog posts.

Insifa specifications & reward structure

Masternode collateral

One masternode costs 5000 ISF

Coin Specifications

Algorithm Green Protocol
Mining Proof-of-stake
Block Time 1 Minute
Transactions 154* tx/s

Total supply & Premine

Insifa has a total supply of 21.000.000 ISF and a premine of 1.000.000 ISF.

Block rewards

  • 85% Masternode - 10% PoS  - 5% Governance Protocol
  • Blocks 0-200 → Pre-mine
  • Blocks 201-5000 → 1 ISF
  • Blocks 5001-25,000 → 30 ISF
  • Blocks 25,001-100,000 → 20 ISF
  • Blocks 100,001-1,050,000 → 10 ISF
  • Blocks 1,050,001-2,100,000 → 5 ISF
  • Blocks 2,100,001-3,150,000 → 2 ISF
  • Blocks 3,150,001-4,200,000 → 1 ISF

Insifa roadmap


Insifa roadmap