Macedonia Mosque / Shelter house

One of our colleagues pointed us to look into a problem in Macedonia, Strumica. A big group of muslim believers had no place to practice their religion. They have to travel for miles to practice their religion. We at Insifa do not exclude beliefs and have respect for every religion and its believers. 

Strumica counts a lot of low income inhabitants. So we decided to build a Mosque / Shelter house. This way muslim believers can practice their religion and poor / low income people & families can come to the Mosque for free food one or two times a week. For people traveling big distances there is also a place to sleep for a maximum of three days for two persons.

This way we have made it possible for one building to help different people from different religions.

This all did cost in total over 65.000$ and the total building has been finished in 8months

Curious for the exact location?

Every project is different from the other. So are all the locations. We do our best to find the ones that need the most help. Feel free to take a look at this project and its location.