Working on the UI, researching web wallet, first fundraise #update 03

Article published on: Jan 26

Week with lots of ups and downs… Nah just kidding, we had a great week! This weekly update will be short since we are waiting for our UI to be finished


Our designer has finished his research and started working on the corporate identity of our platform. At the same moment he is trying out different styles for our platform and using some of our team members to test those different designs.

Somewhere next week #04 he will finish the first designs. Those designs will be fully tested internally (clickable prototype). Then after making some changes we will test the clickable prototype with our 25 testers in week #05

Signed up testers will receive their inquiry form tomorrow (27–01)

Some new partnerships

To help increase the volume and get more people to know about Insifa coin we partnered up with Gentarium and Midas. Both will provide instant shared masternodes for Insifa.

Soon we will have some advertisements (banners) going live on some masternode listing websites. All of this will further help spreading the word about ISF.

Web wallet

We are researching if we should build our web wallet from scratch or if we should use an already existing platform as base for our own.

Since our platform will be functioning as an web wallet we are testing and researching different already existing web wallets to find out about their positive and negative sides.

With our web wallet users will be able to store their ISF and BTC on it to invest in innovative ideas or to help charity projects.

P.S if any of our community members have tips for us to checkout other web wallets please let us know, through our discord.

First fundraise

Our platform is mostly ment to help the unhelped and fund innovative ideas. But we don’t wait to wait untill our platform is finished to start helping the poor and unhelped people from all over the world.

We want to start with our first fundraise to show the world how much can be done with some simple help.

Our goal is to gather enough funds to build two waterwells and provide 75 orphans and poor families of winter clothes.

Fundraise giveaways

Since this will be our first fundraise we want to give something back to our donators.

First 15 donators who donate above 50$ (0.014 BTC or 350 ISF) will receive a limited edition ISF coin, which will be build special by hand for you.

One lucky person through all donators will receive 2000 ISF. Only 1 rule, we need to raise enough funds to build at least one waterwell. Which equals to 500$ in total.

Our BTC address for donations:3QiZhuaHQCTLRC4gDxw3pudnSS47Qxq71p

Our Insifa address for donations: FSgn18TsCsPeYUZVJ7aD28uS4dzLqbhENE

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