Where it all started #update 01

Article published on: Jan 09

First exchange CryptoBridge

So we got launched on CryptoBridge as our first exchange. We asked the community for their opinion and 90% voted for CB. We give a lot about your opinion and so we decided to list on CB. Currently we have been listed for three days and we have an average volume of 3+ BTC which is quite good for a new coin.

We are aiming to build a quality project. So we wont list on any other small exchanges. From here on our aim is to get listed on bigger and better exchanges. We only want the best.


This is our original roadmap, which will get updated soon. We started a bit later with the project, because we wanted to make some improvements on the network before launching. So basically Q4 became Q1 and Q1 became Q2 etc..

We have made some partnerships with different shared masternode services. Most important ones are: WithNode CryptoHashTank Evonodes

At the same time WithNode is an official partner of Insifa and works as an Advisor for us.

Currently we are hard working on the user interface of our platform. Once this is finished, we will ask 25 community members to join us in the usability testing stage. Once all of this has been finished we will start with developing the platform. You guys will receive weekly updates about all of this.

Our discord chat will have a special category and channel for this where all of our community members can give their opinions and feedback. Together we will make the best platform crypto has ever seen!


We have just partnered with Simple POS Pool and will get listed soon there with instant nodes.

For the ones that dont know: Simple POS Pool is the largest shared masternode service provider in crypto with over 35.000 users and more than 1.000 masternodes running.


We are planning some extra marketing for our coin. But help from the community is important in early stages for every coin. We hope that as many of you guys will help us.

It would be great if the community could help us to promote or advertise ISF through Bitcointalk and Twitter. Bitcointalk.org is the biggest cryptocurrency website and is globally ranked as 4.584 in Alexa stats. By sharing news and promoting ISF through those channels we can get in touch with a lot of new investors. Our goal is to stay on the front page of Bitcointalk which will result in more views and more views which means new investors in Insifa which can help make ISF grow more.

Next update will be on Saturday 19th of January

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