Lots of partnerships, UI/UX #update 02

Article published on: Jan 19

Another week another update. We have been working really hard to get some things done. This weeks update will go about:

  • Partnerships with masternode services
  • User interface and experience design of our platform
  • Research for our platform
  • Potential partnership with two international charity firms who have over 50+ employees

Shared masternode services

To help our listing on CryptoBridge and keep a decent volume and help the community we have decided to list on a few shared masternode services we like. We only decided to list on the ones we trust and for the ones which have demand.

Here is a list of the shared masternode services we got listed on in the last two weeks:

UI and UX Design

Our beloved designer @Partykiller#2304 (discord) is working hard on our platform. At the moment he is busy with doing a lot of research on the best possible platform that can give its users the best possible experience. Our team is assisting our designer by doing different tests and researching.

In 4 weeks from now we will have our first clickable prototype ready. Which then will be used to test with 25 selected members from our community.

Testers can join our discord or leave a message on our BitcoinTalk. Everyone who sings up for testing our prototype will receive a google form which takes about 2 minutes to fill. This way we can select the perfect group of testers for our prototype.

After testing our prototype with this closed group we will make the needed changes and test again with a wider audience.

Potential partnerships

While we were reaching out to big firms to ask them for help as advisors / partners. We got contacted by a small charity firm from The Netherlands which has around 20 employees. They have been in this business for over 8 years and want to help us by taking on an advisory role within Insifa.

We also got a reply back from a Turkish tech company who supports students and children who dont have enough money to study or enough money to fund their creative/innovative idea.

Both conversations are going well atm but it is still early to say something definitive. Once things get definitive we will let our community know first

If you made it all the way till here.. Well then your just awesome and we want to thank you for your time :)

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Next update will be on 26th of January

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