Development progress past months #update 05

Article published on: May 12

Hi, this update will mostly be about our development from the past months. Let us know your thoughts on the update in general, through our discord!

These past months, we've been working hard to build our own high quality and secure framework. We have spend a lot of time to make this happen. This update in particular will explain why we have done this.

Insifa framework

With all the recent hacks in crypto (ex; Cryptopia, Binance) and many unheard more, shows us again how important security is. Because of this we didn't want to use any open source framework as the base for our platform.

Having our own framework makes it harder for potential hackers and easier for us to update and expand in anyway needed. Our framework has been build in PHP, because of this we can easily expand our dev team once needed. Because of the current market we have decided not to expand our development team with more developers to keep the costs as low as possible. All the work so far has been done by two developers and one UI/UX designer. 

As many of you know we have a new security chief since a short time. He will be fully focussing on testing the security of all progress made so far. This means mostly testing the ins and outs of our framework since everything else will be build upon this. 

The security testings of our framework can take upto 2 weeks. In the meantime we have started working on the intial platform itsself. All the designs made by our beloved designer are finally being converted to awesome code.

Development link share

As promised earlier we will share our development link on May 26th. Simply, just because we want to show everyone that we are fully dedicated and working on Insifa platform. The development link will get updated once every 2 - 4 weeks. Depending on the "visible" work done.

Many people in crypto get impatient to quickly. 

Rome was not build in one day neither, please understand that quality work needs time. Untill now we have worked very hard on the platform base. Unfortunately we cannot show any of this, for security reasons, showing this would be like giving away your safe + code to a stranger and hoping him not stealing anything.

Insifa Platform Approach

In order to build the platform as accurately as possible, it is subdivided into different compartments. For example; User area, projects, project creation, donation progress, etc.. All will be handeld as different small projects. 

Signed in user dashboard - projects and balance overview

Our first demo on May 26th will be showing the homepage of the platform and give insights to some projects

Our next update will be together with the release of our demo. Do you want to stay updated more regularly and be able to have a chat with our CEO, moderators and the community, then you should deffinetly join our discord!

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