Community voting, demo link and many more #update 04

Article published on: May 05

Long time no see! It’s been a while ago since we’ve wrote an update.

New developer

Somewhere in March we yelled to the world that we needed an extra dev. Luckily we found one. He will be assisting the dev team 3 days a week. This will make sure that the platform releases are met on time. The new developer will mostly be focussing on testing finished objectives and security of the platform.

Community voting

Most crypto projects just build something they came up with, few months or even years back with. But we want to do it different, we want the community to join us in the process of building the best platform crypto has ever seen. It is important for us that the community can express their opinion and think with us about the platform. At the end the platform will be used by all of us. Thats why we want to introduce this new system.

Well what does this mean?

It's simple let me explain. We will simply introduce a voting system. Which will be held through discord. Before every new development objective we will ask the community to vote on a statement. According to the voting results we will continue building the platform. Such votings will happen every two weeks / month. 


  • Charity projects should have no transaction fees. 
  • Users should be able to donate without registering first
  • Users should be able to start a project without KYC

(Agree or Disagree)
The community can then vote by using thumbs up and thumbs down emojis for example.

Follow developments live

To show everyone that we are working hard on the platform, and how amazing it will be ;) We have decided to make a public url which will show some of the works we have already done. This url will also be used in later stage as Alpha test url.

The url will be made public on May 26th. 

Next update

Our next update will contain more information about our platform. Upcoming development objectives, releases, events and the demo URL.

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