Help building 150 waterwells worldwide

Our main vision is to give access to safe and clean water in developing countries. There are many countries in the world where people do not have access to this.  Here are some facts to help us realise how serious this problem is:

  • One child dies every single minute from from a diarrheal disease caused by contaminated water and poor sanitation these are more deaths then hiv/aids, malaria an tuberculosis combined 
  • One out of every 5 babies who die in their first month in the developing world is being caused by contaminated water. If the who cared for the babies could have washed their hands with clean water we could have prevented those untimely deaths
  • An average woman in Asia or Africa has to walk 3.7 MILES to collect clean water. This is the equivalent of 55 football fields
  • Third world countries are home to the most home births. Only 1.5% of those births involve clean water

Just think about it! We walk to our kitchen and tap water or buy it in the stores. But at the other side of the world there are children, elderly and sick people who just can’t do those things.

Thanks to the help of partner foundations from The Netherlands and Turkey we can build a waterwell in many different developing countries. With those foundations we can build a waterwell in less than 3 months. 

Prices of a waterwell start from 500$ till 4500$, according to location, local prices, local worker costs etc

Our goal is to be able to build 150 waterwells in 2019

Help us make the world a better place.

We need all the help there is. Choose the project you desire and start helping. Donations to our general address will be used to close the gap between retrieved and target amount of active projects.

General donations address (BTC Only) 3QiZhuaHQCTLRC4gDxw3pudnSS47Qxq71p

Waterwell donations address (ISF Only) FSgn18TsCsPeYUZVJ7aD28uS4dzLqbhENE

School donations address (ISF Only) FF2nBGgU66EDianGqLstHKAKXJ4m8ip894

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